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A Royal Decree regulates the dental hygienists profession in the following articles:

Article 10
1. A dental hygienist is someone who holds a Vocational Training Associate Degree whose   responsibilities are collection data, carrying out health examinations, giving advice on hyginie and preventive measurements both in individual and collective actions, and collaborating in epidemiological studies all in the fields of health promotion and dental health education.

2. Dental hygienists, as assistants and collaborators of medical and dental practitioners, will also be able to perform technical-supportive functions that are identified in Article 11.2.

Article 11
1. In Public Health matters a dental hygienist will be able to perform the following tasks:
a. Collecting data concerning the condition of the oral cavity for clinical or epidemiological use.
b. Instructing, both individually and collectively, on oral hygiene and on the necessary dietary control measures to prevent oral pathological episodes.
c. Monitoring preventive measures carried out by patients.
d. Performing tests of oral health in the community.
2. In matter of technical assistance, dental hygienists may perform the following tasks:
a. Apply local fluorides in different ways.
b. Place and remove retraction cords.
c. Place fissure sealants with non-invasive techniques.
d. Perform polish seals eliminating any possible excesses.
e. Place and remove rubber dams.
f. Remove calculus and tooth stains, and perform tooth scraping and polishing.
3.  Dental hygieniests will perform the appointed taks as above as assistants to Physicians and Dentists. Excluded from their taks are: prescribing dentures or treatments,  dispensing medication, issuing prescriptions, applying anesthetics, and performing surgical or resuscitation and stabilisation procedures.


Begonia Alonso

Honorary President

Mrs Begoña Alonso Suárez is appointed Honorary President of HIDES Asturias.

25th aniversary video

25 Aniversario HIDES

A video made by HIDES Asturias for the 25th anivesary of the Spanish Association of Dental Hygienists (HIDES) in 1986.





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